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Royal Cattery Institute locates in Beautiful Montreal of Quebec in Canada. We have seal bicolor, blue bicolor, lynx seal bicolor, lynx blue bicolor, mitted, orange, and cream ragdolls. We are TICA and CFA-registered cattery and all breeding cats are registered under those two reputational cats organizations. 

    If you want a high-quality ragdoll cat, you need to be aware that not all ragdolls are purebred ragdolls. Truly, all kittens are cute, but they grow to be different as adults. We have been loving ragdolls for many years and used to purchase gradually some ragdolls kittens as our pets from non-registered cat families. The kittens were very cute but gradually developed to present a bit of feature of mixed cats here and there on their appearances. They grew to be too small, with short hair, tiny and long face, long legs, athletic jumping ability(to 2 meters high cabinet easily), green or gray color of their eyes, or bad temperament, etc. Some of them were sick. When we decided to run a cattery, we eventually decided to import our breeding cats from reputational old catteries globally.




It was a tough journey, but it was worth it. It was incredibly amazing when we finally got to know what a real ragdoll is. They possess all of the lovely features reminding you that they are beautiful and stunning like dolls, fluffy and huge as a piece of rag on the floor. Now, all of our kittens are typical ragdoll babies: so soft, affectionate, very fluffy, ocean-deep eyes, sweet, healthy, and cute, and they grow to be gorgeous when they are adults.



Based on their perfect DNA, we also professionally socialize our kittens at a very early age, so that our kittens are satisfied with noises, strangers, cats, and dogs. Our kittens are purring machines, and offer their bellies to you whenever you pass them by instantly and say: Hey, pet me! Pet me! Some of our clients adopt our ragdoll kittens for their parents, children, or pet therapy. Yes, you can not find any other breed that is such a companion and comfort to your life.  They are the best of the best.









Our kittens will go with vaccinations, regular inside and outside deworming, sterilization, health checks at the vet, and starter kit We start to deworm the kittens from they are 2 weeks old, and every 2 weeks until they go to new homes. Plus we provide a one-year health contract for our kittens, to guarantee the health of our kittens to our customers. We have all our breeding cats' annual health checks at the local vet with HCM and contagious illness tested negative.









ragdoll kittens for sale
Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada
Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada
ragdoll kittens for sale

What does the price include?

The price will include health check, vaccination, deworming, health booklet, neutering surgery, one month free insurance from Trupanion, one year health agreement,  certificate of CFA or TICA, a big starter kit including food samples(can food, kibbles, frozen raw dry meat, etc), Probiotics, toys, woolen bed, carpet, etc.

Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

How to reserve a kitten from the cattery?

When the kittens are old enough at around 2 months old, we will publish their pictures or videos on the "current available kittens"page. Once you choose your favorite kitten, you could
contact us by email or any social media linked on our website, communicating about the details of the kitten. $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten, and the deposit will be counted to the sum price eventually. When the kitten is ready to go new home, you could choose to pick up your baby kitten yourself or delivery to your address. 


Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

What should I prepare for my coming kitten?

*We suggest you what you prepare is a litter box, and two bowls, one for food and another for water. 
*What we will prepare for you in your starter kit:
1 Food samples including kibbles, can food, and frozen raw meat(Vital Essentials, Purebite, K9, etc)
2 Probiotics
3 A cat bed made of 100% wool
4 Carpet
5 Cat litter 100% plant based (tofu litter)
6 Toys
7 Other belongs

Therefore, you don't need to worry about the preparation before your kitten's launching. 
What we suggest you could transfer your favorite brand gradually from our food samples gradually within the first one or two weeks, and getting familiar with our kitten during this time before you start to go shopping for your baby kitten. Making sure what a kitten's preference is the key to please them with your new toys and food, and also it is way more wiser to spend your money on pet supplies. 


Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

The cat food and litter used in Cattery

From the moment our kittens start to try the real "kitten food" instead of  relying on their mother's milk 100%, we gradually add more variety food and brands as more as possible day by day, making sure they establish strong digestive system and fit easily the new food of different brand at new homes in the future.
The dry food brands in our cattery: Royal Canin, Nutrience, Orijen, Acana, Instinct, Hills, Purina, etc.
The Can food brands in our cattery: Royal Canin, K9, Rawz, Instinct, Almo nature, Hills, Ziwi, Purina, Nutrience, etc.
The frozen raw meat brands in our cattery: Stella & Chewy, Purebite, Instinct, K9, Vital Essential, Primal Nuggets, Nutri-Bites, Meow, etc.
​The cat litter using in our cattery is
Catalk tofu litter. 
Catalk tofu Litter is our cattery self-owned brand litter, made of 100%plant, clumping, dust free, and toilet flushable. We use it for our kittens and cats as it is safe to them, clean to our cattery, and friendly to our planet. 


ragdoll kittens for sale

Cattery Environment

We provide our kitten very clean and neat environment in our cattery
1 We do cattery cleaning once or twice per day, and sanitize the environment with sunshine, Hypochlorous acid, and manmade ultra violet light.
2 We only accept kitten's future owners as visitors, and all of the visitors to our cattery are suggest to sanitize their hands before touching kittens and remove their shoes before entering to our environment. 
3 We provide out kittens free and relax playground to improve their socializing and establish their trust to strange cats, kittens and people.


Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada
Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada
Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

Agreement of contagious and Genetic Sickness Free

Royal Cattery Institute takes the litter for a physical exam and vaccines as follows:

  • Feline parvovirus (FPV) vaccine: to prevent feline panleukopenia, and its the incubation period is 2-9 days;

  • Feline calicivirus, (FCV) vaccine: to prevent upper respiratory tract infection and oral disease, and its the incubation is 2 to 3 days;

  • Feline herpes virus (FVR) vaccine, to prevent feline viral rhinotracheitis, and its the incubation period is 2 to 6 days.

The cattery is responsible if the kitten sold shows FPV, FCV, FVR symptoms within a few days from the date of sale, Plus, if the kitten sold has HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) within one year from the date of sale, Royal Cattery Institute will refund the customer the full amount of the cat price. In the above two cases, the customer returns the sold kitten to Royal Cattery Institute when Royal Cattery Institute refunds to the customer.

Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada
Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

The first 14 days my kitten arriving at home

Coming soon...

Ragdoll Cattery Kittens and Cats in Canada

Best cats, only for you_Royal Cattery Institute

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