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Kailea Pricess_Queen of Royal Cattery Institute

Blue bicolor ragdoll, born on April 11, 2022

PDK negative

HCM negative

Contagious sickness tested negative

Kailea Princess is a traditional bloodline ragdoll, blue bicolor, with very delicate pattern and color tones on his face and body. She is very affectionate, clingy and beautiful. As a female ragdoll cat, she is very huge and has very long and silky hair surrounding her neck and the whole body. Also, she has very excellent bone structure with short and strong legs and tail. Kailea is from one of the best prestigious ragdoll catteries Ragissa from Poland, tracing back to the last 5 generations on her pedigree. She has very stable genetics, so all of her children are very beautiful with the perfect mask, big and round body, and very long hair from very young age. We present here some of Kailea Princess`s pictures chronological, in order to invite you to see how a cute ragdoll kitten develops into a charming female lady. 

WeChat Image_20230923201554.jpg
WeChat Image_20230926201251.jpg
WeChat Image_20230923193226.jpg
WeChat Image_20230923192639.jpg
WeChat Image_20230923193251.jpg
WeChat Image_20230926232504.png
WeChat Image_20230926232531.png
WeChat Image_20230926232526.png
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